In honor of May being National Foster Care Month, SJRC Texas is challenging the community to help us “Trash the Bag.“  The “Trash the Bag” Challenge was created as a way to bring awareness to foster care, and the experience that many foster children have to endure.

Often, when a child is taken from their home and placed in foster care, they will arrive with a small, black, plastic trash bag to hold their belongings. It is estimated that the average foster child moves an average of seven times within the foster care system before the age of 18, and with each move, everything they own is placed in a trash bag.

We are asking you to create awareness for the children in foster care, and for one day, carry many of your belongings in a trash bag. This will help to create compassion for what foster children have to endure, and may bring awareness to the issue as questions are asked by others.

As you carry the bag, please post a pic with #trashthebag#sjrctexas, and tag SJRC Texas. Please also tag many of your friends and family, and challenge them to participate in the “Trash the Bag” Challenge also.

After your challenge is complete, please help SJRC Texas to “trash the bag” for the children we care for, and donate to allow us to continue to clothe, feed and care for the children within our care.