Why Parenting Support?

The Parenting Program at SJRC Texas wants to help you give your child the best possible start! Learn how to capture the teachable moments in everyday life. We believe all children deserve support so they can learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential. Parents As Teachers (PAT) provides the information, support, and resources families need to help their children develop during the crucial early years of life. We believe supporting healthy families builds a healthy community.



EMPATHY is the ability for one person to perceive the emotions, needs, or desire of another

How can we help our children develop empathy?

1. Nurturing Discipline Techniques: Hitting, spanking, belittling, and criticizing are all road blocks to developing empathy. Positive discipline has the greatest impact on the development of empathy.

2. Identify and Honor your Child’s Feelings: Validating your child’s feelings allows them to accept their own emotions. “You look so sad. Losing your ball is a sad thing.”

3. Model Empathy: When parents practice empathy they are teaching their children to react to others in a caring way. How can we help our children develop empathy?

4. Develop Family Rules: Families who care raise children who care. Rules like don’t use hurting words and respect other people’s things help develop empathetic habits.

5. Point out Non-Verbal Cues: Teach children what their non-verbal cues are saying. “It hurts my feelings when you roll your eyes while I am talking.” “When you smile at me I feel good inside.”

For additional information, please contact Chief Prevention Officer, Jaci Gonzales, at or at 830-629-0659


The (PAT) Program has been a blessing to my family…love everything about the Program, especially our Parent Educator.

-Amanda A. (single mom of 3)