Our Outcomes

Overall, SJRC Texas cared for close to 200 children and cared for them safely in our beds for 73,000 nights! Last year, our direct care and support staff provided 213,873 counseling minutes and spent 271 minutes referring our youth to resources in the community.

Emergency Shelter

This 24- bed facility, located at our New Braunfels campus, serves as an Emergency Shelter, where meet the most basic and immediate needs of children in a crisis that have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. The children come with often just the clothes on their back, confused and scared not knowing what their future holds. We immediately ensure they are fed, clothed and receive any medical care they may be lacking.

  • Provided emergency services for 63 children
  • 100% of children remained safe while in care

Residential Foster Care

This program houses 38 youth at any one time on a 10-acre ranch, and primarily focuses on teaching social skills, facilitating education and helping children deal with past issues of trauma through targeted therapeutic services as they live in homelike environments that model a functional family dynamic.

  • Provided care for 120 children
  • 92% served were able to move to a less restrictive level of care upon discharge
  • Opened the doors to an on-site charter school ran by the University of Texas Charter School System
  • 100% graduation rate
  • 100% of children remained safe while in care

Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program

SJRC Texas has responded to one of the greatest unmet needs for children—girls in the foster care system that are pregnant and/or parenting. This 24-bed program, added to our New Braunfels campus in 2009, gives these young mothers prenatal and birthing care to address health, wellness, structure and stability as they learn life skills, job skills and parenting skills.